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This Page will allow you to create multiple Favourites at once. ...
You no longer need to click on the Filter or Max button for selections - just open the box by clicking on it and click on a selection

You can select a category and/or Song Type (as on the Songs Index page).
You can do a Search or look for songs with a Maximum number of chords.
Once you have the list you want then select the songs you want to add as Favourites

You must still keep within your Maximum Favourites or the Add To Favourites will fail
If you want a lot to be added at a time then some may happen in the background (and you may not get a notification but the songs will be added).
You will be able to see the new Favourites in the Favourites Index.

You must be Logged in to used this feature

The number in () at the end of the Song Name is the page number in the current songbook - (0) means new song so not in songbook yet

Search in song and song info

OR click on dropdown below to select Max chords in selected Category/Type
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Sort by: TITLE  or  ARTIST  or  ADDED  or  UPDATED

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